“Silent Music”: St. Cecilia as Model of Contemplation – Penn Year of Sound lecture, Thursday Feb. 27th

PLEASE take a look at a fascinating event in conjunction with the Year of Sound, coming up Thursday, Feb 27th at 5pm in Perlman Quad…

Feature Speaker: Tom Connolly, Emeritus Professor of Music (Penn) and author of Mourning into Joy: Music,
Raphael, and St. Cecilia (Yale, 1995)

Discussant: Ann Moyer, Associate Professor of History (Penn) and author of Musica Scientia: Musical Scholarship in the Italian Renaissance (Cornell, 1992)

Here’s a link to the event page:http://collegiuminstitute.org/2014/02/silent-music-st-cecilia-as-model-of-contemplation/

And a short briefing here:

The Patroness of Music, according to tradition, is the early Christian saint Cecilia. Dedicated to her were the masterpieces of composers such as Purcell and Handel, of writers like Pope and Dryden, and of countless artists who depicted her as singer, organist, lutenist, or some other type of musical performer. Yet her own association with music has remained a mystery. Some scholars have traced it to the Roman cult of the Bona Dea, which had flourished in the same location of Cecilia’s shrine in Trastevere. That goddess was reputed to cure blindness (caecitas), and the ancient association between healing and music could have been transposed to Cecilia. Others emphasize the similarities between the liturgical texts of Cecilia and the scriptural song of Esther, grounding the legend of the musical patron in the Purim celebrations of an earlier Jewish-Christian community that inhabited the same area. The question has remained open. Recent research of Professor Tom Connolly has suggested an answer. Cecilia’s patronage of music may, in fact, have no connection to sound. The key instead may be inaudible “music of the heart.” This faculty panel ultimately considers whether the apparently obvious connection between music and sound itself has a history. It will feature comments from Penn’s distinguished musicologists from multiple departments, who will be presenting their magisterial work in a way that is accessible to students, staff, faculty, and the whole university community.

Date: Th Feb 27th
Time: 5pm
Location: Perlman Quad (specific room to be announced!)


-Penn Encore Society



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